Kidney Stone

This story isn’t about me; it was my sister Maria. The incident happened when she was pregnant. I guess that kidney stones are fairly common for pregnant people. Maria told me it was OK to share her experience here, because she thinks that maybe her story could help or encourage someone else.

surgeons getting ready to perform a procedure

From the way my sister describes the experience, she woke up in the night with horrible pain in what felt like her back and her side. She tried to go to the bathroom, but it didn’t help. Then she tried to go back to sleep, but she couldn’t sleep through the pain. She tried to take an ibuprofen, but it made her throw up. Her husband woke up in all the commotion. Crying, Maria finally decided she needed to go to the hospital.

All the doctors’ offices and urgent care centers were closed in the middle of the night. Therefore Maria’s husband drove her to the emergency room. They had to pull over along the way because the pain was so bad it kept making Maria throw up. They waited for what seemed like an eternity to be seen. Finally, though, Maria was admitted to the hospital.

An ultrasound showed that she had a kidney stone. The doctor gave her an IV with whatever pain medicine they’re allowed to give you when you’re pregnant. They offered to let my sister drink a lot of water and see if the stone would pass, but of course she didn’t want to do that. The other option was outpatient surgery.

The surgical procedure involved going into the kidney through her bladder to break up the stone. That sounds horrible to me. I can’t even imagine it. I was worried after the surgery, because my sister didn’t seem to want to wake up. Later, though, she told me she was just really tired! They had to leave a stent in for a few days after the procedure so that her urethra wouldn’t swell shut. That sounds horrifying as well. Maria said it was really uncomfortable all the time, until she went back in for the doctor to remove it.

However she was ultimately relieved that the doctors were able to remove the stone, and after a few days she was completely back to normal. As scary as it seemed at the time, it turned out that a kidney stone was not that big of a deal after all. I’m really glad my sister was fine.

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